ASET 2.00 Setup Notes

Software Setup notes for ASET v2.00 on Windows XP

These notes are for setting up ASET v2.00 to run on Windows XP. It is assumed that the following hardware is being used:

If you already have your NI hardware installed properly and want to jump to the notes on setting up ASET, click here.

Before installing any NI hardware in the computer, make sure to load the drivers for the A/D Card ('Traditional' NI DAQ 7.0) and the Frame Grabber (IMAQ v3.0.0 or later) and the Motion Control Card (FlexMotion v6.1 or later). These drivers are shipped with the hardware cards or can be downloaded for free from

After you install the software drivers, turn of the computer, install the hardware, then reboot the computer and start up the National Instruments Measurement and Automation Explorer (NI-MAX). Expand the Configuration tree on the left pane until it looks as follows:

PCI-6036E A/D Card

The PCI-6036E A/D Card should not need any modifications to the setup.

PCI-14xx Frame Grabber

Expand the NI-IMAQ Devices entry to find the PCI-14xx entry as shown below. Right click on the 'img0' entry and select the camera type that corresponds to the camera you are using. Note that the image size specified in the ASET setup must match the image size specified in NI-MAX. A table is given below which indicates the image sizes for various cameras. It is a good idea to confirm that the frame grabber is working by connecting a video signal to the input and clicking on the 'Grab' button at the top of the NI-MAX window. This should result in a live image being displayed in the center of the NI-MAX window.

RS-170/NTSC: 640x480

CCIR/PAL: 768x576

PCI-73x4 Motion Controller

Expand the PCI-73x4 entry and select Axis Configuration and enter the appropriate values for the system being used. After adjusting the settings, right click on the 'Default 7340' entry and select 'Apply changes to current settings', and then click the 'Initialize' button at the top of the NI-MAX window. The settings for a typical closed loop system with a 16 microsteps/step driver are shown here:

To update the board's firmware, select the PCI-73x4 entry in the Configuration Tree and then click on the Firmware tab at the bottom of the middle section of the NI-MAX window. Then right click on the 'PCI-73x4 Firmware' entry at the top of the firmware list and select 'Update All Firmware Sectors'.

NI Software Versions

To determine what version of National Instruments Hardware Drivers you have installed, start NI-MAX and select Help>>System Information and Support:

Click on the System tab, and look for the following entries:

ASET Software Configuration

Start ASET and in the opening Dialog click 'System Setup':

You will see the following dialog:

Click OK and then you can work on the System Setup as described below.

A/D Setup in ASET

Select System>>A/D Board>>Setup:

In the A/D Setup dialog, the Device ID must match the Device ID from NI-MAX. It is also generally good to keep the sampling rate in the range of 1,000-10,000 samples per second for most applications.

Frame Grabber Setup in ASET

Select System>>Frame Grabber>>Setup:

In the Frame Grabber Setup dialog,

Motion Controller Setup in ASET

Select System>>Motion>>Setup:

In the Motion Control Setup dialog, The selection of closed loop versus open loop is settled through proper configuration of the Axis Configuration settings in NI-MAX as described above.

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