Current & Recent Projects

We develop custom electronics, mechanical components, optics, and software to modify existing instruments or deliver turn-key systems with highly customized functionality.

BULLETInstrumentation Development

BULLETOrganic LED (OLED, PLED) Testing Equipment

BULLETMultiplexed IVL characterization

BULLETDC Lifetime, 8 channel & 32 channel current source

BULLETPulsed Lifetime, 32 channels forward current, reverse voltage

BULLETSpring pin PC board coupon holders with photodiode(s)

BULLETOrganic FET (OFET) Testing Equipment

BULLETMultiplexed IV characterization

BULLETOrganic PV (OPV) Testing Equipment

BULLETPeak Power Tracking, 32 channels

BULLETSpectrographic Luminometer

BULLETSpectra from bioluminescence in 96, 384, 1536 well plates

BULLETDifferential Imaging for localized corrosion detection

BULLETView and quantify localized electrochemistry in near real time

BULLETOptrode Gradients

BULLETChemical gradients measured with fiber optic microsensors

BULLETBasic Research Proposals

BULLETSmall Business Innovations Research (SBIR)

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