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Automated Scanning Electrode Technique.
The Automated Scanning Electrode Technique system is designed to provide a robust, open platform for localized electrochemical research and development. ASET has been developed through a joint effort of Applicable Electronics, Inc. and Science Wares, Inc. Applicable Electronics, Inc. provides the electronic hardware and experimental expertise. Science Wares, Inc. provides the software and custom machining. These companies collaborate to provide installation, training and customized development platforms.

Photon Imaging System.
This Photon Imaging System is designed to be used for microscope-based imaging. It provides a robust, open platform for research and development.

Stepper Motor Driven Linear Translation Stages.
These one, two and three-axis stages provide precision automated motion control at a reasonable price. A fourth axis can be added for controlling the focus plane of a microscope or zoom scope.

Other Products
Laminar Flow Cells for corrosion research
Multiple Ion Selective Electrode Recording software (MISER)
Stepper motor driven linear translation stages with video capture

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