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Current Products and Services
Science Wares, Inc. has been in the business of developing prototype research instrumentation since 1991. It has also been specifying components and integrating customized data acquisition systems for a variety of projects related to localized corrosion science and developmental biology research.

Automated Scanning Electrode Technique (ASET)
This system provides automated scanning support for data acquisition from three different types of microelectrodes: specially plated metal microelectrodes for total localized ionic current density measurements, ionophore-based microelectrodes for Ca2+, pH and K+ ion-specific localized gradient measurements and polarographic microelectrodes for localized dissolved oxygen gradient measurements. Applications include localized corrosion research, developmental biology research and metabolic activity studies. Science Wares, Inc. supplies mechanical hardware and software components to Applicable Electronics, Inc., a company in Sandwich, Massachusetts that sells the integrated ASET system. Science Wares, Inc. also provides on-site installation and training services for some of the systems that are sold.

Photon Imaging System
This microscope-based system makes it possible to combine single photon image data acquired from a resistive anode imaging photon detector (RA-IPD) with digitized images from a video camera mounted on a light microscope. The RA-IPD and supporting electronics are supplied by Photek, Inc. of East Sussex, England. Science Wares, Inc. builds mechanical components and interface electronics to automate the stage, mirror sliders and shutters for the microscope. Science Wares, Inc. also provides data acquisition and analysis software and on-site installation and training services for the system.

Stepper Motor Driven Linear Translation Stages
Science Wares, Inc. is introducing as a stand-alone product the computer-controlled positioning system formerly provided only as part of the ASET system. This product has a variety of configurations involving up to four linear translations stages with either 30 or 50mm of travel each at speeds up to 2 mm/sec with minimum incremental motion down to 0.003 microns.

Products Under Development
Science Wares, Inc. is in the process of developing new technologies as well as new applications for the technologies it has been working with. The strategy is designed to build internal capital resources, provide employment opportunities for talented individuals and develop global marketing expertise.

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